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May 28 2024


Windy on the Western Front.

Drove out to Mac in the windy Wednesday light.
We rode out down the road as the crosswinds blew and it was a struggle just to keep my balance. We loped through the blow heading south and it was good and exhilarating. Mac tucked his head in and went, perhaps questioning my morals. We walked and loped again west to east, a good lope, the wind at our backs. And then again, around the bend and heading south. The crosswind so strong, I tucked just to keep my balance, and I did. And it was fun. We walked. Turned back and headed home.

May 12, 2024

7 years have passed since I crashed that truck. I like to take it as a day to appreciate life; really live. We did, today. It was Sunday. A beautiful morning with two beautiful people. And then we went, Jenn and I, in the finicky truck, out on the 785 to the horses. Almost turned back and then we didn’t, the truck was shifting normal again. We went to the horses and it was beautiful. And then we went to Beaver Mines, and Mill Creek. And sushi.