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God’s Country; Pure Heaven

God’s Country

If there could be words for the most beautiful things in the world, what would be they?  They would not be from me, my mind, would they? Could they? The most beautiful things in the world are without words. And this was it. The geese in the hills, the horse, standing, the dog, sitting. The peachy blue colour of the horizon, offset by the mountains of blue and white. The mountains that will never tire my eyes. My eyes are the most beautiful part of me, because they can take-in, reflect all that is God, and those mountains. This life. The words are not words at all, they are not found in this life.

And I would die happy.

Friday night ride March 15, 2024


Drove out in the beautiful evening light, so warm. With Frankie, after eating an iceberg salad, with walnuts and quinoa, and buying chocolate, the salted dark that I like. The evening sun was glorious, Frankie and I so happy, listening to music, driving down that road. We turned towards the farm, the gravel road newly graded and gravelled, turning up big plumes of dust, glorious. Frankie was very happy to play with Skip, as always. I got Mac, brushed him while Amanda brushed Pal. We saddled and bridled them, Frankie went into the truck, and we rode down the road, trotting some. I am mesmerized by those mountains at sunset evening, the colours; blue and white mountains, like the Kokanee mountains, the picture on the beer cans, coupled with a sky that is yellow, orange, pink and blue. How it never gets old. Riding in the evenings is a beautiful thing, all out in the open. We walked down the road, to the picture above, and back.

It was near dark when Frankie and I left. The windmills so stark and tall against the night sky. I felt so alive.