I really love going to church with him. He dresses in black and I do too and sometimes it looks like we’re goin’ to a funeral. He jokes and says that we are. Most of all I love the drive; an hour into the northeast, and an hour to get back. In the hour’s drive we pass through fields of lolling hills. I look out the window, and he tells me stories.

“If there is one thing you’d like to know,” he says, “Time is an Illusion. Time does not move forward as we think it does; there is no arrow guiding it that way. Rather, physical influence is bidirectional- physical influence comes from both past and future.”


He laughs and then continues.

“I know because I have experienced it. And yet, due to entropy, causality is detectable in one direction only.”

I’ve heard him speak to this before.

“So what is they key takeaway here?”

“Life is Chaos.”

“Bingo,” he says.