Wednesday was a 2001 Canadian-Morgan cross. She lived in the paddock across from Alfie, a horse I would ride often. Wednesday was a beautiful, heavy-set mare- a companion horse to Jax. I never saw anything done with Wednesday, despite only being 13. I asked Alysa if I could take her for a walk once, on a foggy fall day, and I did, and it was good. I guess I had a crush on her.

The following year, in 2015, Wednesday’s owner stopped paying her board.  I had never met this owner, but had heard of her. Alysa started paying the horse’s bills, and so I started working with her, “so that she can earn her keep.” We started with lunging in the paddock- she was so overweight, she could not do much without breaking into a large sweat and huffing. We started slowly, and I worked with her most days. She started getting fitter and fitter, and I started just riding her around, bareback. We then began lessons, dressage, and worked up to jumping. She was a lovely horse, so kind and sweet, she reminded me of my former mare, Carina.

Wednesday and I had a good time, when we were together. We went for many rides, and she always seemed happy to go for a ride.

Wednesday was later purchased by her loving leaser. She now lives in Quebec.

Fat Wednesday & I, June 2015












Wednesday & I, May 2016